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Hi, my name is Chris Walker and I am the marketing manager for Thai Son sewing factory. This year we started two design teams who are available to design for you. Each month we produce casual knitwear designs and offer them at manufacturer’s pricing. We share our catalogs with buyers and they choose based on the photo shoot images like you see here. Our design and merchandising process is standard and summarised here.

Original Design Manufacturer in Vietnam process

1. Sketch of the Garment (include pantone colors, stitch type, print patterns, etc.)(.pdf or .jpeg)
2. Dimensions for Each Size
3. Quantity for each Size
4. Accessories (buttons, zippers, draw strings etc.)
5. Print Design, size and colors


1. Shipping Destination
2. Payment Terms (Letter of Credit is preferred)
3. Lead Time
3. Delivery Date

This is the information needed to successfully complete the original design manufacturer in Vietnam process.
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Hi, my name is Chris. I am the marketing manager for Thai Son S.P Sewing factory. I created this website and would love to hear from you.

Tell us about your brand, company and the types of garments you’d like to produce in Vietnam. Would you like to visit our factory? Do you have tech packs to send us for costing? Or, would you like to have a Skype chat?
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Map to our Head Office

View map to our factory that is 35 minutes outside of Ho Chi Minh city.
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