Engineered Stripes Expertise in Ho Chi Minh City

Short Answer: Basic striped jersey fabric is easy, but what if you want progressively bigger stripes with colors that don't repeat? That's when you need a knitting machine that can do engineered stripes. Thai Son S.P Sewing factory can knit engineered stripes with a 1.6 meter repeat. It all starts with yarn dye capabilities, we've mastered that too. Learn more about Engineered strips technology and how it is done in Vietnam.
What is the definition of Engineered Stripes?

Imagine t-shirt fabric with stripes - stripes that are not printed. How do fabric manufacturers achieved these stripes? They are called yarn dyed stripes where the yarn is dyed before it is knitted into fabric. Once the yarns are dyed they are put onto a circular knitting machine that knits the fabric. There are two groups of machines: basic circular knit machines and advanced circular knit machines. The basic machines can make basic stripes called feeder stripes. Feeder stripes have a maximum repeat of approximately 40 mm. The advanced machines are known as engineered stripes or auto stripe circular knitting machines have a repeat of ASK SIM. So, in laymen terms, if you want a repeating stripe that is longer than 40 mm and you want variable widths within the repeat, then you need to employ engineered stripes.

Our strength is men, women and children knitwear garments that require embellishments like embroidery, prints, appliqué or stones. We can make thermal underwear, yoga wear, pencil dresses, t-shirts hoodies … any style as long as you use circular knit fabrics. Our Oeko Tex Textile Company in Vietnam can make your styles using knit fabrics.

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