MVS Viscose Yarn Supply in Saigon

Short Answer: If you like Viscose, then you will like MVS Viscose even better. MVS stands for Murata Vortex Spinning and is an alternative to ring spinning. MVS yields a tighter, less hairy and better anti-pilling yarn. When Viscose is spun using MVS technology the result is a smooth, silky hand feel. We work with a MVS viscose yarn supplier in Saigon to offer our customers a better alternative to ring spun cotton or ring spun viscose.
What does MVS mean?

MVS is a technology used to spin yarn and it stands for Murata Vortex spinning (MVS.) The machine and it's technology is the world's first spinning frame to achieve knotless yarn with 100% carded cotton at high spinning speeds up to 400m/min. The air-formed MVS yarn has ring-like structure, but more functional and fashionable character. Being air-singed and air-combed, the yarn has very little hairiness, and the pilling of fabrics is reduced dramatically. In addition to this, fabric shows less lint, excellent abrasion resistance, moisture absorption, fast drying, and color-fastness.

We sew garments, produce fabric, source trim and accessories and deliver to HCMC port where your freight forward takes over. We produce fashion based on your designs as described in the tech packs (spec sheets) you send us. We are a semi-vertical Oeko Tex Textile Company in Vietnam.

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