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Meet ladies fashion sewing factories in Viet Nam
Hi, I am your go-to guy if you want to get things done in Vietnam. I prepare you to meet factories and introduce you to them. May I help you source women clothing manufacturers in Vietnam?

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Women Clothing Manufacturer in VIetnam

Two referrals come to mind when asked, "can you introduce me to a women clothing manufacturer in Vietnam?" Bob Nicholson used to be the country manager for Nam of London that produced women's clothing for high street. Sim Thai who is the vice director of Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd. They are a women clothing manufacturer in Vietnam producing sportswear and casual knit fashion out of two of their own factories.

I know many others that I can introduce you to. Each women clothing manufacturer in Vietnam has it's strengths and weaknesses. Some are CMT only, some have high MOQs, some can accept L/C 90 days.

What type of ladies apparel are you sourcing? What is your most important criteria? Price? Quality? Delivery times? Let's schedule an appointment to chat and I will guide you if I can.
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Why did you search for Women's Clothing Manufacturer

Are you working for a women's fashion brand? Are you looking for a suitable factory in Vietnam?

One of the first things you will need is a tech pack.

What minimum information needs to be in a garment tech pack in order for a women's clothing factory in Vietnam to give you a price you can bet on? I live in Vietnam and work for a garment factory in Ho Chi Minh City. I receive tech packs from fashion designers and entrepreneurs around the world asking me for a Vietnam manufacturing price. The problem is that 9 times out of 10 their tech packs are incomplete. My message is, if you want an accurate price quote from a ladies clothing factory in Vietnam then I recommend you provide an accurate tech pack. The following garment tech pack check list is what I define as a complete tech pack based on my experience working in Vietnam as an apparel production advisor for a Ć°omen clothing manufacturer in Vietnam.

Flat Sketch 
Measurement Chart for 1st Sample
Order Quantity Chart
Written or Visual Description
Bill of Materials (BOM)
List of Stitches and Seams
List of Embellishments
Branding Artwork
Measurement Chart for Grading
Point of Measurement Diagrams
Headers on On Every Page
List for Tracking Changes

Creating a complete tech pack that a women's clothing manufacturer in Vietnam can work from is not easy. If you are lazy when it comes to preparing the tech pack, then can the factory be lazy when it comes to quoting price? Garbage in, Garbage out, right?

Creating a complete tech pack requires technical training and experience. If you wing it and create what you think will suffice then you are setting yourself up for failure. I receive tech packs everyday from people all around the world and pass them to the Vietnamese sewing factory I work for. Typically, the merchandisers analyze the tech pack and make a list of questions of missing information, incomplete information and contradictory information. This is a waste of their time. Especially frustrating is when the person who sent the original tech pack does not know how to answer. At this point the factory is either asked to guess or teach. Guessing only leads to problems. Teaching is not Vietnamese sewing factories do well. My advice is to have your tech packs created by a professional in your country before you send to Vietnamese factories. Professional tech pack creators know what minimum information needs to be in a garment tech pack in order for a factory to give you a price you can bet on? A good women clothing manufacturer in Vietnam also knows a good tech pack when they see one.

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I help you find a women clothing manufacturers in Vietnam

I am not an agent. I listen to your needs and then check my network to see if I know a perfect factory fit for you. For a small free I connect you directly to the factory owners women clothing manufacturers in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi.

Or you can read my book full of insider tips for beginners and direct referrals for experience professionals investigating apparel production in Vietnam for the first time.
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Celebrating 10 Years in Vietnam

I am approaching my 10 year anniversary living in Vietnam raising my family and helping people source a women clothing manufacturer in Vietnam. From day 1, I have always felt comfortable here and grateful to be part of the society. Did you know that Vietnam's guiding principles are Independence Freedom and Happiness? I see it every day and appreciate the goal setting effect it has had on the country. I know that many people will read this post and point out the negatives of Vietnam but remember that no country is perfect and as a guy on the ground I can tell you that Vietnam has a lot to be proud of. I took this picture in Da Lat where there is a lot of organic farming happening - very cool. Visit Vietnam if you thrive on entrepreneurial spirit and opportunity. I can help you get started with manufacturing if you need help.
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